Goals for Success


  1. Develop independence and good work habits.
  2. Be excited about learning.
  3. Our rules are simple:
    • Respect
    • Learn
    • Grow
  4. Homework
    • Expect homework every night.
    • Homework should take approximately 40 minutes per night.
    • Otter Reading Program – a consistent daily pattern is important to establish.
  5. Parents will be notified of a serious problem; child will visit the Office


  1. Reporting to parents
    • Progress reports are made as needed or upon request.
    • Report cards are issued at the end of each term.
    • Conferences are held in November and March, and at any other time as requested.
    • Please keep in touch if you have any questions.
  2. Expectations of parents
    • Praise your child.
    • Listen to your child read and read to him/her daily.
    • Be involved.


  1. Reading – Otter Reading. Read with your child at least ten minutes each night. Check comprehension – ask your child to retell the story.
  2. Math – Practice basic facts.


  1. Set aside time and a place for your child to complete homework assignments.
  2. Help and praise your child.
  3. Reward for time used wisely

PARENTS: Please contact me if you have concerns or questions. I do my best to meet the educational needs of your child, and I have many years of experience helping with a variety of learning challenges. Please help by being forthright in assisting me to know the needs for success for your child. Everything you can do to support the above expectations will play a significant part in your child’s growth and success in our 4th grade program.


Karen T. Levy

Californian Standards

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