Welcome to 4th grade – Mrs. Levy’s class

WOW, it’s time for school to begin again!  Welcome 4th graders to Room 2. 4th Grade is going to be an exciting time for YOU… We are going to have a fantastic year.  We will share so many FUN, EXCITING, and EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES! The great state of CALIFORNIA will play a very integral part of all our studies.  Lots of field trips are in the planning stages.

Please take the time to read through our first newsletter. In order to access past and current newsletters throughout the year, please use our class schoolze account. You will be signing in to schoolze.com during our Back to School Night. For general RHD news please visit our school website or access our RHD Handbook.

Parents, I anticipate a great year with your children.  Our class has 22 students (12 boys and 10 girls), and we all look forward to getting to know one another this school year. I know my students to be a happy and enthusiastic group. My teaching style involves a lot of project based learning and I am excited to see your children take responsibility for their studies this year! I expect to get a great amount of work accomplished as well as to maintain a fun learning environment for your children.  I am also excited to get to know our SUPER PARENTS who will want to share a successful school year!  Our classroom needs your support and welcomes your help.

If you have any concerns or would just like to touch base, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Mrs. Levy.